Thailand Live Aboard Trips

Choosing a live aboard trip in Thailand. you will want value for money and a great service.  it is your holiday after all.  All of us at ECO dive resort know how to make your holiday an enjoyable and memorable one for all the right reasons.

Are team have been diving well over 40 years collectively and know all the locations in and around the Andaman sea.  You will enjoy a professional and welcoming team, dive all the best locations in the Jurassic Krabi province, with processional dive guides and instructors, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Scuba Diving Courses  in Thailand

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced diver – there is always something new to be learned… In addition to our daily dive cruises, we offer you the complete PADI diver education palette from beginner to pro.

If you would like to learn diving the Open Water diving course will introduce you in an enjoyable and safe way to the fascinating underwater world.  Experienced divers may enroll in continuing education to increase your practical and theoretical knowledge while fine-tuning/enhancing your diving skills.

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Liveaboard Safari’s

Our comfortable live-aboard cruiser M/V Sanuk 3 went through a complete overhaul and face lift in 2014. She measures 21 meters in length and is 4,6 meters wide. Equipped with a powerful 300hp marine diesel engine, the M/V Sanuk 3 travels at a speed of 8knots.

The design of our liveaboard cruiser reflects our philosophy which focuses on small groups, private service, fun, comfort and functionality, with two sun decks, plus the wide shaded party deck there is ample space to relax and work on your tan between the diving sessions, located on the upper deck is the galley from where we serve traditional Thai and western cuisine as well as snacks between our scuba diving activities.

Discover Scuba Diving

The discover scuba diving experience always takes place at the famous Phi Phi Islands. You simply join the group as a snorkeller and will, after a short introduction to the gear and techniques on the beach, conduct your very first dive in shallow and crystal clear water under the guidance of a highly experienced PADI dive instructor.

Open Water Diver

This beginner course includes classroom sessions as well as pool sessions and four open water dives. Successful students will complete this course as certified divers, able to dive all over the world and to rent dive equipment at any reputable dive shop without instructor or divemaster supervision.

Rescue Diver

Beside the teaching of life-saving techniques at sea, stress management and self rescue techniques, this course puts emphasis on the prevention of dive accidents by learning how to recognize potential problems before they arise at an early stage. The PADI rescue Diver course consists of 12 open water modules and classroom sessions.


A divemaster assists a PADI instructor during training sessions and is able to guide groups of certified divers under water. To be able of being certified as PADI divemaster, you need 60 logged dives, determination, a professional attitude and your theoretical knowledge must be equivalent to that of a PADI instructor.